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Golden Espresso - Monkland Coffee Roasters
Golden Espresso - Monkland Coffee Roasters

Golden Espresso

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Introducing Golden Espresso, our first single-origin espresso.

New for 2020, Golden Espresso is the warm and chocolaty cup of coffee that you've been looking for! Low in acidity and high on flavor, this coffee is roasted darker to bring out the intense flavors only found in espresso coffee. 

Golden Espresso is a single-origin coffee from Brazil, that is rich with flavors and aromas. We're sure that you'll fall in from the first cup!


Origin: Brazil

Region: Carmo do Paranaíba

Producer: Pedro Humberto Veloso

Variety: IBC 12

Notes: Dark chocolate, Nutty, Spicy

M.A.S.L: 1050

Process: Natural